The I Am A Housebuilder Campaign

Just 2% of SME housebuilding businesses in the UK are owned and run by women, with women making up just 14% of the 2.1m people working in construction. The industry has an image problem and failure to attract talent from different backgrounds with different skill sets, is not only exacerbating the chronic skills shortages but also hampering innovation and growth within the sector.

This is why we’ve launched the ‘I am a Housebuilder’ campaign, with three key pledges which will be rolled out throughout 2024 and will culminate in an industry networking event in Parliament, to bring politicians, partners, allies and female housebuilders together.

The pledges are:

- Increase visibility of successful women within the sector to attract more women to apply for roles.

- Create a senior mentoring network to help women into leadership positions.

- Work in partnership with trade bodies and organisations to positively promote the sector to women of all ages, when recruiting from apprenticeship to the board room.

The campaign is being led by seven female housebuilders who are committed to helping break down barriers to entry into the sector and to mentor and support female SME housebuilders.

·       Sarah Barraclough, Managing Director, Skipton Properties

·       Rosey Cassidy, Director, Newman Rose

·       Charlotte Edwards, Managing Director, Dennis Edwards Homes

·       Sophie Horgan, Director, Horgan Homes

·       Georgina Hammond, Co-Founder and Director, Beau Property

·       Alice Maughan, Creative Director and Designer, Stronghold Homes

·       Xuan Meng, Founder and Director, Cosy Hauz

Women bring different perspectives to the table, along with empathy, attention to detail and creativity. If the UK is to tackle the housing shortage head-on, then engaging more women will be crucial. I am a Housebuilder will challenge bias in the industry, seek to make it a more inclusive environment for female entrepreneurs and support and champion SME housebuilders.

“As the only first-generation housebuilder in this group, I really want to encourage more young, ambitious women who do not have a family background in construction, to enter this incredible industry. I want to share with them, what drives me - a strong commitment to delivering excellence within the property sector and a deep passion for personal and professional growth.” - Xuan Meng, Founder and Director, Cosy Hauz

“It’s time for the industry and the legislature to work together to reverse the decline of SME housebuilders and encourage more women into the sector. By increasing diversity, we will open this great industry to more innovation and growth, which will be a major step towards rebalancing the housebuilding sector as a whole.” – Andrew Lewer, MP, Chair of the APPG.

To get involved as a mentor, partner or sponsor, please email the secretariat Edwin de Silva: